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Neoscenica Bettio Mosquito Net Lateral Anti Bedbug Wind Resistant

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Neoscenica Bettio mosquito net is the evolution of the previous Scenica Bettio mosquito net: equipped with lateral movement without taking up space on the floor, anti-bug, automatic return of the net.

Neoscenica Bettio Flyscreens is quick and easy to assemble even without screws thanks to the double-sided adhesive supplied as standard.

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The recommended Bettio mosquito nets for the 2024 season are:

The indicated price refers to the purchase of a single mosquito net. We make targeted quotes for larger quantities (contact us).

Right of withdrawal not applicable (Article 59 of the Consumer Code).

Neoscenica Bettio - Anti Bedbug Side Mosquito Net - Class 5 Wind Resistance with ANIMA21 System

Neoscenica Bettio mosquito net, discover the new anti-bug side-scrolling mosquito net with ANIMA21 patent.

ANIMA21 Bettio windproof system allows the automatic re-entry of the net in case of too strong wind or impact. The net can come out of the guides (to prevent it from being torn or damaged) and re-enter the guides simply by operating the mosquito net. Neoscenica with ANIMA21 allows certified class 5 wind resistance.

This is the Neoscenica 1-Wing mosquito net model, if you wish you can also find the Neoscenica 2-Wing version for sale on Windowo.

This is the Neoscenica 1 Hinged mosquito net, if you wish you can also find the Neoscenica 2 Hinged version for sale on Windowo.

Neoscenica Bettio logo

Neoscenica Bettio - Anti Bedbug Side Mosquito Net

With ANIMA21 Bettio system: what are the advantages?

An unprecedented windproof system: revolutionary, patented and designed to make mosquito nets hyper resistant.

ANIMA21 combines aesthetics and functionality in an intelligent way, because it resists pressure but allows the automatic return of the network, guaranteeing its tightness and operation.

Neoscenica Bettio mosquito net with ANIMA21: new international Bettio patent. Wind load resistance: Class 5 certified by the Giordano institute.

anima21 bettio sistema brevettato resistente al vento

Neoscenica Bettio mosquito net: what are the news?

  • New upper and lower guide with a clean and essential line with automatic net re-entry;
  • New handle bar: more ergonomic and comfortable grip: you can operate it by inserting your fingers in the special slot or you can grab the outer edge which has been specially reinforced;
  • 46 mm box with central net exit;
  • New steel hinge;
  • New box support with predisposition for fixing holes, including lateral ones, for those who do not want to drill the flat surface. Equipped with double-sided tape that allows you to glue it without making any holes;
  • The thrust spring above the box has been incorporated into the finishing plate of the upper profile, which is also equipped with provision for lateral fixing. The mosquito net, thanks to the work of the upper thrust spring, self-adjusts during installation.

Neoscenica Bettio Mosquito Net

neoscenica bettio guida mobile inferiore

  • The height must exceed the base by only 7 cm;
  • From 2001mm base to 1 door, Bettio inserts a reinforcement on the mesh in the upper part.

Neoscenica Bettio Flyscreens: quick and easy installation

Few and simple installation steps with many different application possibilities: intuitive adjustments with a single tool!

The adjustment systems allow a compensation of 13 mm in height and 13 mm in width, guaranteeing a perfect aesthetic and functional result even in the case of out-of-square walls. -2 +11 in height if installed without double-sided adhesive.

If the mosquito net allows you to compensate for the out of square of the compartment with the product itself, then it means that you have to adjust it at the end of installation! And it has never been easier!

A single 3mm hex screwdriver and:
  1. Screw the largest screw to fix the guide;
  2. Adjust height: unscrew the smallest screw to lower the guide, then remove the template under the handle bar;
  3. Finished!

As you have seen, the only tool you need to install and adjust this amazing product is a round head hex screwdriver.

Out of square in width? No problem!
  1. Move the box on the “teeth” of the support if the compartment is wider in the lower part;
  2. Screw to move the box if the compartment is wider at the top;
  3. Finished!

Neoscenica Bettio: many versions for many installation solutions

Each type of installation requires specific and exclusive mounting accessories. Depending on the accessories used, the footprint of Neoscenica® can be 46 mm, 50 mm or 51 mm.

Version 1: Standard Installation in the hole : choose this version if you can fix the mosquito net in the upper part of the compartment. This is the version that will be sent to you if you order without specifying which version you want.

Version 1 is Neoscenica for traditional compartment: that is, as often as I have held and can fix myself in the upper part of the compartment. If you are interested in a quote for all other versions you can contact us.

Neoscenica Bettio versions upon customer request (ask for a quote)

  • Version 2: Non load-bearing ceiling Installation in the hole : choose this version if you need to fix your mosquito net laterally. Pay attention to the double sash as in addition to the lateral fixing you will need to anchor the upper profile from the front.
  • Version 3: Front with hole : choose this version if you want to install your mosquito net inside a compartment, perfectly adherent to the perimeter walls but you do not want to drill laterally (perhaps due to the presence of a very deep coat). In this version the fixing is frontal. The product distances itself from the window by about 5 mm and the protection from insects is given by the perimeter walls.
  • Version 4: Front attachment : choose this version if you do not have perimeter walls to fix the mosquito net. It is a pure front attack system.

Neoscenica with new VELUM NERA net (optional)

VELUM NERA is the evolution of the classic net, more resistant and performing. It protects against damage caused by the sun's rays thanks to a slight shading effect that gives it a gTot of 0.34 if positioned outside a glass C.

This makes your mosquito net a solar protection and therefore falls within the deductions for the energy requalification of buildings.

If you are interested in the VELUM NERA network option, contact us to request a free quote.

Neoscenica is a safe and reliable mosquito net for doors

The decision to install mosquito nets at the entrance to a balcony or a French door is important for:

  • stop mosquitoes, but also many other insects such as flies, bedbugs and spiders;
  • change the air without worrying about what may enter with the air;
  • allow the passage of light, increasing the quality of life;
  • decrease the use of air conditioners, guaranteeing economic savings.

Neoscenica Bettio zanzariera promozione

Nature-friendly Bettio sustainable mosquito nets

Bettio carefully evaluates the environmental impact of its products. This vision pushes the company to design, produce and offer products created with high-quality, long-lasting materials and which, for their final use, require very little maintenance.

Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material, which fits perfectly with the green philosophy of the Bettio company.


Side scrolling mosquito nets on special offer

Bettio mosquito nets are reliable and long-lasting products, which will accompany you for many summers!

  • Safety guarantee: all Bettio products have the CE mark certification.
  • Warranty and testing: each product is equipped with an identification label that shows all its characteristics and the CE marking.
  • Packaging and shipping: each mosquito net is protected by a shrink film wrap. For shipments made with carriers, the product is also placed in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Patented systems: some of the numerous Bettio international patents are certainly the flagship of the company.
  • Ease of installation: Bettio mosquito nets are also designed to be simple to assemble, easily adjustable and adaptable to multiple types of compartments.

You can buy the best models of Bettio mosquito nets online in the Windowo shop.

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