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Mosquito nets for pets

Looking for the best mosquito nets for pets ? From today you can stop worrying about scratches from cats and our animal friends in general. Mosquitoes and insects will no longer go through the cuts.

Stop searching, the solution is pet-resistant mosquito nets for pets. These special nets have a PVC coating and are therefore more resistant to scratches from cats, dogs, rodents and pets in general.

Also on the safety front you can sleep peacefully: PVC is a synthetic material similar to plastic that does not involve any risk to animal health.

Mosquito nets with Pet Resistant net

On Windowo you can order your new plasticized fiberglass pet mosquito net online quickly and easily.

And if you want to allow your dog or cat friend to enter and exit the door or window with the utmost ease, you can contact us to request information on the pet door to be applied on the lower part (cat flap for mosquito net).



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