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Thermal Insulating Monoblocks

Thermal Insulating Monoblocks Prices and Estimates

Thermal insulating monoblocks - Online prices and quotes

Thermal insulating monoblocks for thermal protection and acoustic well-being in the home. Sale at the best prices online. Free quote. Made to measure.

Tailor-made thermal insulating monoblocks at the best prices

Thermal insulating monoblocks are the ideal solution to achieve high thermal protection and acoustic well-being in the home.

The most important feature of insulating monoblocks is that they are able to optimize the energy consumption of buildings. All this thanks to a secure seal against air and water.

The monoblocs guarantee protection from the cold in winter, but also to maintain a cool environment in summer (reducing the need for expensive air conditioners). They also have the ability to eliminate condensation and mold on the joints between masonry and window. Acoustic comfort also significantly increases the quality of life.

With Windowo you can order online made-to-measure monoblocks adaptable and customizable for your every need of use.

Discover a wide range of thermal monoblocks with different types of application:
  • monoblocs for doors and windows;
  • monoblocs for roller shutters;
  • monoblocs for mosquito nets;
  • monoblocs for sunshades;
  • monoblocs for blinds, filters and shutters.

What are monoblocks?

The monoblocs are thermal insulating boxes that simplify the installation of the windows and doors and bring considerable economic advantages to the recipient of the property. This is because the homeowner will enjoy excellent thermal insulation and therefore energy (and economic) savings.

The monoblocks are mounted in place of the classic counterframe in wood, metal or PVC. This avoids the risk that the subframe applied incorrectly can give rise to thermal bridges. This can happen in a building envelope in the points of discontinuity (passages of heat transmission and where air and water can reach the internal spaces).

Therefore insulated monoblocks for doors and windows are a perfect solution for the thermal and acoustic insulation of building interiors.

How are the thermal insulating monoblocks composed?

The insulated monoblocs are inserted into the masonry hole forming a window frame. In this way, thermal and acoustic insulation is created for the frame (and thermal bridges are avoided).

The thermal insulating monoblocks are composed of these three elements assembled together:
  • box : where roller shutter, sunshades, blackout systems, mosquito nets, etc are housed;
  • insulating shoulders : side parts designed to be shaved;
  • under-bench : base that houses and insulates the sill in marble or other material.

What are the advantages of monoblocks?

Among the main advantages of monoblocks are the following points:
  • elimination of critical points that allow infiltration of air and water;
  • elimination of any thermal bridges;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • they favor the performance of windows;
  • plaster door nets already installed;
  • prevent the formation of condensation and mold;
  • many different versatile solutions for roller shutters, mosquito nets and sunshades.

Products for the assembly of monoblocs

The installer or installer can personally install the monoblocks. Discover a wide range of silicones and sealants on special offer. We are confident that you will find the most suitable products for your specific fastening needs.

For example, on Windowo you can find the best polyurethane foams for sale online, ideal for laying monoblocks.

Thermosilent Pasini: a monobloc system with infinite construction possibilities

The Thermosilent Pasini monobloc thermal insulation system is made from extruded high-density polystyrene (XPS), fiber cement, OSB3 wood or plywood.

Designed and designed to measure like a tailored suit: the product (modular system) is adaptable to all cases that may arise on site.
  • The Thermosilent TT line includes the Pasini monobloc systems for roller shutters;
  • The Thermosilent TF line includes the Pasini monobloc systems for sunshades;
  • The Thermosilent TP line includes the Pasini monobloc systems for shutters and shutters.

Pasini also produces modular thermal insulating boxes. The Thermosilent monobloc system can be combined with Green Air, the innovative VMC - Controlled Mechanical Ventilation machine.

Monoblocks free online estimates

Buy your bespoke monoblocks online quickly and easily. In the Windowo online store you can request a free monoblock quote.

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