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Room aerators online prices and offers

Room aerators : online prices and advantageous offers. With heat recovery and pollen filter. With Siegenia wall ventilators you will have clean air all day long.

On Windowo you can also buy replacement filters for Siegenia aerators.

What are the advantages of aerators?

  • Fresh and healthy air without pollution and noise.
  • Maximum economy and sustainable energy efficiency.
It stands out for its efficient energy saving, silence and the pollen filtering system, characteristics that make it the ideal solution for bedrooms and living spaces.

Breathe clean and healthy air without pollution and noise:

Our daily well-being also depends on the quality of the air we breathe: for example, a low CO2 content favors concentration. On the other hand, a relative humidity in an optimal percentage of 40-60% protects against bacteria, viruses and molds. Thanks to the right technique it is also possible to keep fine dust , fumes and pollen under control.

However, we must not forget an effective soundproofing of the rooms . In fact, noise pollution linked to road, rail and air traffic is increasing more and more and is nowadays an important cause of stress, capable of causing sleep disturbances, heart and gastrointestinal problems and even deafness.

Objective: sustainable energy efficiency

The new European regulations on energy saving and energy certification have set the objective of significantly reducing the energy consumption of buildings. the traditional exchange of air by opening the windows very quickly disperses the caloric energy saved.

For this reason, several incentive programs in Europe also support the installation of energy-efficient ventilation equipment in many cases.



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