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Mosquito Nets for Windows

Mosquito Nets for Windows Online Prices and Sale

Mosquito nets for windows at prices on offer in the online store

Custom-made window mosquito nets, produced in Italy, for sale online at low prices. Discover the best models of vertical mosquito nets with spring or chain opening. Explore the different features of many window mosquito nets with simple assembly and quick delivery.

Mosquito nets for windows - Italian online shop

Depending on the type of window and the use you make of it, you may want different types of mosquito nets for windows.

Don't settle for the first model you find: from today your shop for custom-made vertical mosquito nets is online. Buying new mosquito nets for home windows has never been so quick and easy: discover a wide choice of models, enter the color and the base and height measurements and you will immediately see the final price.

Mosquito net windows - here are the advantages of buying online on Windowo:
  • Choose your custom-made mosquito nets for windows among many models;
  • Mosquito nets for windows low prices: buy directly from the best Italian producers;
  • Free online estimates 24 hours a day thanks to our automatic configurator;
  • We produce in a few working days and ship by express courier.

The best window mosquito net at discounted prices

Especially where opening is very frequent, mosquito nets for windows must be very easy to open and not be a hindrance. Whether you are looking for a new vertical spring, chain, pleated or magnetic mosquito net for your window, you will find it on offer.

Mosquito nets for windows unmissable prices on Windowo, from the comfort of your home.

How much does a window insect screen cost?

How much does a window insect screen cost? The prices of mosquito nets vary according to the type, the quality of the materials used to make them and according to the size.

Mosquito nets for sliding windows have a cost starting from 20 euros / sqm, while those with fixed panels have an average cost of around 50 euros / sqm.

Instead, pleated window screens normally have a higher cost, with an average of 70 euros which can go up to over 200 euros. On Windowo you will find cheap but very high quality insect screens for sale online.

Mosquito nets for window: enter the measurements and calculate the price immediately

Is a window insect screen the ideal solution for your needs? Then configure your model now. Start by entering the measurements in terms of height and width and then select the color you prefer. It only takes 2 minutes to complete your purchase.

When will you receive your new purchase? Being quality products made to measure, window screens cannot be ready immediately. For window screens you will have to wait about 5-7 working days.

In conclusion, a mosquito net for windows is not an economically advantageous choice, but also an ecological one. The mosquito net in fact allows the natural exchange of air in summer, limiting the use of the air conditioner and thus saving electricity and money.

Do you have any doubts about which model of window insect screens to buy? Click here and read the guide of our blog: " What are the best Bettio mosquito nets for windows?"

Our goal is to make every purchase of window mosquito nets on Windowo fast, safe and simple.

Mosquito Nets for Windows



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