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Garage tilting motors prices online sale

Garage tilting motors at cost prices for sale online. Discover the best overhead door motors on special offers. Buy quickly and easily in the Windowo shop.

Garage tilting motors at cost prices for sale online

Discover the best garage tilting motors at discounted prices. Buy online kit for overhead door motorization in the Windowo shop.

What does tilting automation mean?

The term "tilting" literally means "swinging with respect to its own axis": there are overhead doors, shutters, windows, platforms and many other devices.

How does an overhead garage door work?

An overhead garage door moves thanks to a system of counterweights protected by carters. Usually one or two locks with plate and handle are fitted. A cord with knob can be placed inside the door to help the user in the closing phase.

Overhead garage doors can be motorized thanks to special kits that you can find online on Windowo.

How much does it cost to motorize an overhead door?

The price of a kit for the motorization of an overhead garage door can vary. Generally, a motor for the garage shutter has a price that is around 250-300 euros. Instead in the Windowo online store you will find the Somfy kit for sale at an unbeatable discounted price: less than 200 euros!



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