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Activated Carbon Hoods

Activated Carbon Hoods - Sale at the Best Prices

Hoods with activated carbon in stainless steel: sale at the best prices

Activated carbon hoods are an important component of the modern kitchen and represent an effective solution for eliminating unpleasant odors and cooking fumes.

These hoods equipped with active carbon filters capture and retain fumes and odours, ensuring a cleaner and fresher kitchen environment.

Activated carbon hoods are available for sale online on Windowo in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, which means that you can choose the product that best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

In addition, buying activated carbon hoods online gives you the opportunity to compare prices and options, so you can choose the most suitable product.

Why buy an activated carbon hood?

The need to have ever less polluted environmental conditions requires that more and more often a filtration of dust (obtained mechanically through filters of different nature) is combined with a chemical type filtration to retain unwanted substances in the gaseous state.

The activated carbon hoods in the self-suction models are wall hoods to which an additional filtering septum has been added consisting of a class G3 synthetic material filter, and a filter containing activated vegetable carbon type "CARBONFIL ACG" in the AG version, in addition to the in stainless steel with microstriated mesh.

cappe a carboni attivi

Activated carbon hoods: technical characteristics

The self-extracting activated carbon hoods, set up in this way, give good results in reducing fumes and odors (about 70/80%) where for various reasons it is not possible to evacuate the fumes produced by the hobs in the traditional way.

The absorption capacity of substances in the gaseous state by activated vegetable carbon is determined by the temperature, by the relative humidity of the air and by the speed of passage of the latter.
  • In order to optimize this equipment, it is advisable that the conditions of use do not exceed temperatures of 50-60° C with a relative humidity of 70-75%;
  • The efficiency of the activated carbons is measured with a benzene index system of 21g/100g, CCL index >35%;
  • However, it will always be good practice to channel the hood with activated carbon to prevent the untreated part of the air from being introduced into the work environment;
  • The activated carbon hoods are accompanied by an informative technical sheet, which denounce their performance.

Useful tips for buying activated carbon hoods

It is important to choose a quality activated carbon hood, as this will guarantee effective elimination of odors and a longer life. You can buy high-quality charcoal hoods online at affordable prices, which means you don't have to sacrifice quality to save money.

Activated carbon hoods have different characteristics compared to the classic self-suction hoods, consequently they must be treated with greater care, especially due to the presence of highly flammable coal.
  1. Keep the filters clean and replace the exhausted carbon: each square filter contains about 2/2.5 kg of activated carbon which, with average use, exhausts its purifying effect in about 3 months, after which it must be replaced;
  2. Exhaust pipe within 4/6 metres: these hoods are equipped with a triple filtering septum, which captures bad smells but reduces the pressure developed by the on-board electric fan, consequently to avoid stagnation of the fumes it is essential not to exceed 4 /6 meters of expulsion channel;
  3. No fryers : fryers (and all those types of cooking that give off heavy fumes) generate oil-rich vapors and fumes and foul the carbon filters, which are no longer able to retain odors and, in extreme cases, can even to combustion, with fire hazards. In the case of fryers it would be more correct to use an external odor control unit.

In conclusion, activated carbon hoods are an ideal solution for eliminating cooking odors and fumes in the kitchen.

With the wide range of options available for sale online on Windowo, you can choose the product that best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. In addition, affordable online shopping ensures that charcoal hoods are a useful and beneficial addition to the kitchen.



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