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Spring hinges with automatic return

Spring hinges: discover many different models and read the technical characteristics of these useful accessories. Online sales of different types of spring hinges at the best online prices in special offers on Windowo.

Spring hinges for sale at the best prices

Spring hinges are a very useful type of hinge because they do not leave the door open. In fact, when the door is opened, the spring hinge can make it return to its starting position (without the need to push).

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Removing the old spring hinge

In order to install the new spring hinge you will first need to remove the old one. With the tip of a screwdriver, pry the various pins of the old door hinges so that they slide off the track. Lift the door carefully and place it on the floor, with the hinges facing you. Unscrew with the help of a star screwdriver. Proceed in the same way also with regard to the jamb.

Spring hinge fastening

The longer part of the spring hinge is installed on the door. It is installed with the screws that you find inside the package. You usually have four available for each link. Very carefully, perhaps with the help of someone, put the door back in the vertical position. Attach the other half of the hinge to the jamb, without forcing it too much. Hold the door, paying attention to the various movements and adjustments that will occur while locking the screws.

Adjustment of the spring hinge connection

Keeping the door open, turn the screws until the door moves smoothly. Adjust the tension of the spring itself. Close the door and insert the adjustment bar into the space between the jamb and the hinges. As soon as you find the right spot, tighten the nut fixing the block. If the tension level is still not right repeat this step until the resistance is adequate.



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