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Wooden garden houses - Online shop

In this category you will find wooden garden houses for sale online at the best prices. Add character and charm to your home's outdoor spaces. Discover many models on offer on Windowo.

Wooden garden houses at the best prices

Wooden garden houses are a beautiful way to add character and charm to your garden. A wooden garden shed is perfect for creating a secret hideaway or a special place to retreat with friends.

The wooden houses are also perfect as a summer house or corner for reading; you can even use them as a studio, yoga hut or meditation center! Choose from a variety of designs with different features to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you're after a small retreat or something more spacious, there's something for everyone here. Browse our selection of garden houses and order today.

Why buy a wooden garden house?

Our log cabins are built to last. They are a great option for anyone who wants a beautiful and functional garden shed that will last a long time.

Log cabins are weather resistant and much more durable than other materials. They can also handle heavy rain and snow, making them a great option for anyone living in a rainy or snowy climate.

What are the advantages of a wooden house?

  • Beauty: they add great aesthetic value to your outdoor space;
  • Convenience: They are often more affordable than other facilities. You can choose a DIY log cabin for an even more budget-friendly project;
  • Versatility: you can choose the most suitable model according to your needs. Garden sheds can be used for many different purposes, making them a very useful and versatile addition.

Wooden Garden Houses


Types of wooden garden sheds

Wooden sheds come in many different shapes and sizes , so they fit into any garden and any budget. You can also choose the style that best suits the look of your garden.

There are different types of wooden houses, but the main ones are as follows.

Classic wooden house

A traditional wooden garden shed offering ample storage space. Perfect for storing tools and gardening supplies.


A great choice for those wanting a large and versatile garden shed. Boxwood garden sheds come in different sizes, including large and small models.


A timeless and classic wooden garden shed that fits well in any garden. Perfect for storing tools, garden supplies and more.


A large garden shed designed to be used both indoors and out. Caribou wooden garden sheds are a great option for storing larger items or having a special place to retreat.

What to look for when buying a wooden garden house?

If you decide to buy a wooden house, we advise you to keep an eye on the following characteristics.

The design of the wooden house

Different types of log cabins have different designs, so you'll need to find one that suits your tastes.

The dimensions of the wooden house

Depending on your needs, you can choose a log cabin with a larger or smaller footprint. The dimensions of the garden shed will help you decide where to place it.

The materials with which it is made

The type of wood used to build the log cabin will determine the price. Cedar and pine are the most common types of wood for log cabin construction.

Wooden houses: what are the different styles?

Whether you want something rustic, modern, quirky or fairytale-inspired, there's a stunning wooden garden shed that will complement your home and outdoor space perfectly.

There are different styles, let's see the main ones together.

Gothic Wooden House

A beautiful wooden garden shed in the Gothic architectural style. It is designed with an ornate roof and windows.

Victorian Log Cabin

A traditional wooden garden shed in the Victorian architectural style. It has large and ornate windows with decorative trimmings.

Log Cabin Ranch

A rectangular garden shed built with a wooden frame and a sloping roof. Perfect for storing gardening supplies, small tools and more.

Rustic Wooden House

A beautiful and charming wooden garden shed, with a wooden slatted roof. It is designed with a large opening on one side with sliding doors.

How much do wooden garden houses cost?

Buying wooden houses at affordable prices is the dream of all garden owners.

The price of a wooden garden shed depends on the model chosen : for example, the medium-low range almost always includes small prefabricated buildings intended to act as a tool shed.

Furthermore, the price on offer can be lower not only due to the dimensions but also due to the thickness and quality of the wood it is made of.

Low-end wooden houses

The figures start from around 200 euros for wooden houses reduced to less than 1 square meter, i.e. very small rooms.

Below 150 euros we are talking about real wooden wardrobes for outdoors in the shape of a small house, with a simple decorative value.

Mid-range garden sheds

Within the medium range, i.e. from 400 euros upwards, we start talking about real houses, or sheds and sheds larger than garden furniture.

The most classic price for a wooden house of around 5 square meters generally stands at figures above 500 euros. As you go up, on the 8 square meters the prices can go up to 1,000 or 2,000 euros. In this case, prices are affected not only by dimensions and materials, but also by any finishes.

Within 3,000 euros you can therefore take home a respectable classic garden shed, generous in terms of dimensions which, in the most expensive cases, amount to around 15 square meters, well made in terms of materials, generally equipped with doors, small windows and a relative high aesthetic and decorative value.

To these sums and dimensions must be added those of possible foundations to be built in the garden, and the money necessary for the legal procedures for the building which from here begin to become unavoidable.

High-end wooden houses

On the other hand, in the high-end range, with prices starting from 4,000 euros and higher, you can find the most advanced habitable wooden houses. Some models cost up to 10,000 euros.

At these prices we are talking about products destined to become real housing units, whose dimensions rarely go below 35 square meters. Beyond a certain threshold we speak of real prefabricated wooden houses. The quality of the wood tends to be superior and the quantity of external finishes makes the house much more refined and detailed.

Wooden Garden Houses


Some recommendations on wooden garden houses

Here are some of our recommendations on wooden houses.

Bureaucracy of wooden houses

The installation of a wooden house involves making a request to the municipal authorities . It must be the purchaser's responsibility and responsibility to have a qualified technician carry out the requests, authorisations, permits and consents of the administrative authorities necessary according to the regulations in force.

Installing a log cabin

The house must be installed on a stable and non-deformable base , in a raised place, which allows rainwater drainage. It should be protected from spray from any irrigation system and at due distance from green hedges which prevent the natural transpiration of the wood.

Normally the house is delivered with a heavy vehicle. If the packaging is intact, the house can remain outside for a few days (maximum one week) provided that it is placed on a perfectly level base.

Before starting the assembly, carefully read the assembly instructions and count all the pieces using the check-list; check that there are no broken or defective parts which could prevent the correct assembly of the shed.

To guarantee a long life to your shed, it is advisable, before starting assembly, to apply a coat of wood stain (transparent or very clear) on all the boards and strips that make it up.

It is recommended to carry out the assembly always adopting personal protective equipment (such as shoes, gloves, protective glasses and to use the power tools, ladders and all the necessary work tools with caution). Particular attention must be paid to children who must be kept away from the work area until assembly is complete.

Maintenance to increase the life of a wooden house

Proper maintenance is required to protect and prolong the life of your log cabin. It is recommended to carry out a treatment with a waxed impregnator for exteriors, choosing the desired shade from the range of colors offered. The treatment will be repeated whenever the color loses tone and brilliance.

Periodically check the stability of the house, the tightening of the screws and the correct functioning of the door and window.

Precautions for use

Always close the door after use. Never insert incandescent objects such as barbecues that are still hot or with burning embers.

Waterproofing the log cabin

The house is supplied with bituminous felt which, if correctly assembled, guarantees a duration of approximately two/three years, therefore it is advisable to purchase and waterproof the house with a long-lasting covering such as bituminous Canadian shingles , corrugated roofing, slated sheath , and much more.

We point out that on Windowo you can find various professional products forwaterproofing for sale online.

Conclusions on wooden garden houses

A wooden garden shed is a beautiful and functional addition to any backyard.

Log cabins are perfect for storing gardening supplies, tools, and more. Furthermore, they represent an ideal place to retreat with friends or family.

When buying a wooden garden shed, you need to consider the design, size and materials. You can choose the style that best suits your home and outdoor space.

Do you want a different material than wood? In this case I suggest you take a look at our category dedicated to PVC houses.



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