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Aluminum Sunshades

Aluminum Sunshades for Outdoors

Aluminum sunshades: online sale at low prices

Windowo offers a line of high-quality aluminum sunshades, available online at advantageous prices. Sunblinds are made of aluminum, a strong and durable material, and are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the perfect solution for your home or building.

Aluminum sunshades at the best prices online

With Windowo you can buy online a line of aluminum sunshades characterized by a modern design and built with high quality materials.

They are outdoor sunshades ideal for installation on new constructions and renovations of buildings for commercial, residential and hospital use.

Aluminum solar shading with adjustable slats: what are they?

Aluminum louvers with adjustable slats combine the advantages of Venetian blinds with the robustness of roller shutter slats. They are suitable for offices, shops and apartments and are used to regulate the intensity of the light coming from the windows.

The sunshades for sale online on Windowo are suitable for any type of environment and furniture thanks to the ability to customize the color of the slats and guides.

Sunscreen: effective protection from the sun without giving up the view

The sunshade is an elegant solution that protects from the sun without completely blocking the view to the outside. When fully raised, the slats disappear into a compact box, hidden by an aluminum or plastered veil. Going down the outer side of the window, they offer swiveling shielding from light, heat and prying eyes.

The slats can be tilted at will without sacrificing the view with the sunshade is completely lowered.

Why aluminum sunshades?

The louvers are made of aluminum: for greater stability, durability and heat resistance. The slats move along solid sliding guides to prevent them from hitting the glass in windy conditions.

Types of outdoor sunshades

The outdoor sunscreens are divided into different models. Here are the main types of outdoor sunshades:
  • Solar shading with guide wire;
  • Sunscreen with aluminum guide.

Solar shading with guide wire

The solar shading model with guide wire is to be considered a real Venetian blind for outdoor use; the characteristics that differentiate it are mainly the shape of the C-shaped slat very similar to the classic venetian blinds, with a thickness and width of the same of 80mm against the 35 / 50mm of the common venetian blinds.

Unlike Venetian blinds equipped with a nylon guide wire, the sunscreen has a steel guide wire that increases its strength and stability when the blind is lowered and the slats in the darkening position.

Sunscreen with aluminum guide

There are models of guided sunshades for which an aluminum side guide is provided, similar to the one used for roller shutters: the slats at both ends are equipped with special slides that slide inside the guides. This type of model is very stable, as the bending due to wind pressure is balanced by the stiffness of the side guides.

How can I install a sunshade?

The sunscreen can be mounted in different ways , the important thing is to consider the right dimensions to allow it to be mounted.

Installation of sunshades in the light (in the niche):

The sunscreen with installation in the light is mounted between the jambs of the window or opening. The measurements to be supplied correspond to the measurements of the light compartment to which a tolerance of 2mm will be applied.

If the opening is regular, it is possible to provide the exact measurements of the compartment in which it will be mounted, but we advise you to check the measurement in several points.

Installation of sunshades outside the light (in front of the niche):

For sunshades with installation outside the light beyond the perimeter of the window, the light measure must be increased by at least 2cm per side. In this way, the guides can be fastened to the front of the niche.

In addition, an increase in height must be considered so that the reed pack goes beyond the gap.

Solar shading installation and new installation:

When it comes to an installation on a new building, or if you want the guides to be embedded in the side of the window, the system for taking measurements corresponds to installation in the opening.

In this case the product will be resized during the production phase in order to have the lateral slides of the slats, beyond the light measurement.

Online sale aluminum sunshades on offer

In the Windowo category dedicated to sunshades on our site, it is possible to select the custom-made sunshade to view the specific characteristics.

Discover many aluminum sun screens, available with slats of different shapes and sizes.

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