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Mosquito nets for roller shutters - Online shop

In this category you will find our vast choice of mosquito nets for roller shutters produced in Italy. Explore many innovative models of mosquito nets for windows with shutters, designed to be installed directly on the shutter. Buy your new mosquito net for roller shutters in a few simple clicks in our online shop at discounted prices.

Mosquito nets for roller shutters for sale online

Discover the best mosquito nets for tilting protruding roller shutters available on the market. We offer you innovative models to be installed directly on the shutter to meet all space and space requirements.

Enter the base and height measurements and immediately discover Windowo's offers on vertical mosquito nets for roller shutters.

Mosquito nets for roller shutters are an effective solution for protecting domestic environments from insects while maintaining the possibility of regulating the light and air entering the rooms.

Mosquito nets for roller shutters are made-to-measure mosquito nets, which is why they cannot be ready immediately. You will have to wait approximately 5-7 working days from the order date.

Discover the perfect combination between mosquito net and roller shutter

Our revolutionary mosquito nets for roller shutters are installed on the external guides of the roller shutter or on the protruding device .

This ingenious solution is made possible thanks to the box resting on the surface and the handle bar attached to the end of the roller shutter (using a special mobile hook that allows it to be released at will). In this way the mosquito net moves in sync with the shutter without further maneuvers by the user.

Mosquito nets for roller shutters: frequently asked questions and answers

Here are some common questions and answers regarding roller shutter screens that may help you better understand how they work and their benefits.

Can I install mosquito nets on existing roller shutters?
Yes, it is possible to install mosquito nets on existing roller shutters. There are fly screen kits designed specifically to be fitted with roller shutters already installed, offering a practical solution without the need to replace the entire roller shutter system.

Do roller shutter screens reduce airflow?
The mosquito nets for roller shutters are designed to allow good air passage while keeping insects out. Although the presence of a mosquito net may slightly reduce airflow compared to a fully open window without a mosquito net, the effect on ventilation is generally minimal and well outweighed by the benefits.

How do you clean mosquito nets for roller shutters?
Roller shutter screens can be easily cleaned by removing them and washing them with water and a mild detergent. It is important to dry them completely before reassembling them. Some models also allow cleaning without removal, using a low-powered vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth.

How long do mosquito nets for roller shutters last?
The lifespan of mosquito nets for roller shutters depends on the quality of the materials and the frequency of use. In general, a good quality mosquito net can last several years if properly maintained. Exposure to outdoor elements and frequency of cleaning affect its longevity .

Are mosquito nets for roller shutters easy to install?
Many roller shutter screen systems are designed to be easily installed by the user, with detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer .

Can I open and close the shutters without removing the mosquito nets?
Yes, roller shutter screens are designed to work together with roller shutters, allowing you to open and close them without the need to remove the screens. This ensures continuous protection from insects whether the window is open or closed.

Where to buy a mosquito net for roller shutters?
You can purchase your mosquito nets for roller shutters directly online on the Windowo website. This shop offers a wide range of mosquito nets for roller shutters, including innovative models designed to be installed with minimal space and to meet different space needs. You can enter your base and height measurements to immediately discover the offers available on Windowo.



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