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Built-in mosquito nets produced in Italy for sale online

Invisible built-in mosquito nets are the ideal solution for those who want to maintain the aesthetics of their home. Discover the best online prices and unmissable offers on many models of retractable mosquito nets.

Built-in mosquito nets online prices and best offers

In this category you can find models of built-in mosquito nets designed to be camouflaged in the window or built into the wall.

The objective is to camouflage the mosquito net, creating a minimalist effect. It can be achieved by hiding the profiles of the mosquito net, creating a recess in the wall .

All models of invisible mosquito nets can only be used in the case of new construction or installation on designated windows. In fact, the recess in the wall is made during the construction of the window compartment.

Retractable built-in mosquito nets for sale on Windowo

Maintenance of built-in mosquito nets is simple: just dust the mechanisms and clean the net.

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What are built-in mosquito nets?

Recessed mosquito nets, also called retractable mosquito nets , are inserted into the window compartment. Since the load-bearing structure of the mosquito nets is not visible, built-in mosquito nets are ideal for both modern and minimalist homes.

The built-in mosquito net is an ideal solution for both renovations and new buildings as it offers the possibility of hiding the profiles and blending perfectly with the rest of the frame. Furthermore, its retractable feature ensures that it does not represent a bulky visual element when not in use.

You must choose built-in mosquito nets already during the construction or renovation phase. They are called this precisely because they allow for concealed installation by embedding them in the profiles of the windows or in the wall compartments.

What are the advantages of built-in mosquito nets?
Benefits include improved aesthetics, as they are nearly invisible when not in use; effective protection against insects, mosquitoes and other small animals; and the possibility of installation in various types of openings without compromising the external design.

Is a built-in mosquito net difficult to install?
Installation may vary in complexity depending on the model chosen and the existing structure. Some can be easily installed with basic tools and a little DIY, while others may require professional help to ensure proper and safe mounting.

Most recessed screens are designed to be versatile and can be adapted to different sizes and styles of openings. However, it is important to check the product specifications or consult an expert to ensure that the recessed mosquito net you choose is compatible with your needs.

How do you maintain built-in mosquito nets?
Maintenance typically includes regular cleaning of screens and guides to ensure proper sliding and functioning. It is advisable to use a soft cloth and a non-aggressive detergent to avoid damage to the net.

How much do built-in mosquito nets cost?
Prices can vary greatly depending on size, materials and brand. Generally, built-in mosquito nets can cost slightly more than standard ones due to their greater aesthetic and functional integration.



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