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Built-in mosquito nets online prices and best offers

In this category you can find models of recessed insect screens designed to be camouflaged in the window frame or embedded in the wall.

The goal is to camouflage the mosquito net , creating a minimalist effect. It can be obtained by hiding the profiles of the mosquito net, creating a recess in the wall .

All models of invisible mosquito nets can only be used in the case of new construction or installation on prepared windows. In fact, the recess in the wall is made during the construction of the window compartment.

What are recessed insect screens?

The recessed mosquito nets, also called retractable mosquito nets , are inserted in the window compartment. Not having the supporting structure of the mosquito nets in sight, the built-in mosquito nets are ideal for both modern and minimalist homes.

You have to choose the built-in mosquito nets already in the construction or renovation phase. They are called so precisely because they allow a concealed installation by embedding them in the profiles of the windows or in the masonry compartments.

Retractable built-in mosquito nets for sale on Windowo

The maintenance of built-in insect screens is simple: you just need to dust the mechanisms and clean the net.

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  • Sliding vertical built-in mosquito nets ;
  • Sliding side recessed mosquito nets .

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