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Modular storage lockers - Online prices and offers

Storage lockers: online sale at cost prices. Discover the best modular valuables cabinets made in Italy with quality materials. Buy your new storage cabinet at a special offer on Windowo.

Modular storage lockers boxes: sale at the best prices

Sales of storage lockers: discover the best storage lockers perfect for gyms and sports centers, museums, clubs, hospitals and work spaces in general.

Our custom-made filing cabinets are designed to temporarily store objects that, due to their importance, size or regulation, cannot be left unattended or taken with you.

What are the types of filing cabinets?

  • Security lockers for gyms are used for small items such as wallets, keys, phones and watches. The lockers store valuables in a small space and with a modern design.
  • The storage cabinets for gyms hold medium-sized items from motorcycle helmets to lady's handbags or tablets. Due to their ductility, modular lockers satisfy multiple needs for use in shops, shopping centres, museums and fairs, as containers for the most varied objects, a valid, high-value alternative solution to the classic metal locker room locker.
  • Modular lockers: the linearity and pleasant design make our line of modular lockers very flexible and easy to fit into all environments. These compositions find the best location in the reception and service areas where they become a functional furnishing object.

Discover the best custom-made filing cabinets

Our filing cabinets are made with quality and recyclable materials which allow for both maximum safety and ease of use. The different compositions can be made with a number of boxes on request and special combined solutions between various models are also possible.

Discover a wide choice of finishes (the entire RAL color range) and locking systems. Graphic customizations are also possible.

If you have doubts about lockers and mailboxes we can help you find the best solution for your needs. Ask us for a free quote.

Storage lockers: answers to the most common questions

Here are some common questions about storage cabinets, with their answers:

What are storage lockers?
Storage lockers are storage units with multiple compartments, designed to safely store personal items, tools, documents and other materials. They are common in places such as gyms, schools, offices and industrial areas.

How many types of filing cabinets are there?
There are different types of storage cabinets, which vary based on size, number of compartments, construction materials (metal, PVC cabinets, wood, etc.) and safety features. Some small cabinets have built-in locks, while others require a separate lock.

Are filing cabinets safe?
Most filing cabinets are designed to be secure, with sturdy locks or locking systems. However, the level of security may vary depending on the model and quality of the cash register.

Can I customize my wardrobe storage?
Yes, many manufacturers offer customization options for filing cabinets, including your choice of color, size, lock type, and accessories such as internal hooks or dividers.

How are valuables cabinets cleaned and maintained?
Cleaning a storage cabinet depends on the material. Metal or plastic cabinets can be cleaned with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaners. It is important to check your locks and hinges regularly to ensure they are working properly.

Is it possible to install filing cabinets outdoors?
Some filing cabinet models are designed for outdoor use and are treated to withstand adverse weather conditions. However, it is important to check the specifications of the product to ensure that it is suitable for outdoor use.

Where can I buy filing cabinets?
The filing cabinets can be purchased online on Windowo. This platform offers a wide range of options, allowing you to choose between different styles, sizes and badge holder configurations, with the convenience of comparing prices and specifications directly online.

Modular storage lockers - Online prices and offers



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