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SharkNet Central Opening 08 Pleated Mosquito Net with Side Scrolling

Brands: SharkNet
Code: SharkNet Apertura Centrale 08

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SharkNet Central Opening 08 Pleated Mosquito Net with Side Scrolling

SharkNet Central Opening 08, the pleated mosquito net with central opening equipped with 8mm strip. This horizontal lateral sliding model is equipped with a 22mm footprint and nets in gray (or colored nets upon customer request). The Idroscreen net is water-repellent and repels dirt and water. Furthermore, SharkNet is extremely easy to install and clean.

Attention: the indicated price refers to the purchase of a single mosquito net.
Targeted estimates are made for larger quantities (contact us).

On Windowo there is also the SharkNet model Central Opening 04 with 4mm strip.

SharkNet Central Opening 08 Pleated Mosquito Net with Side Scrolling

SharkNet Central Opening 08 technical features of the mosquito net:

  • Pleated mosquito net, central opening, 22mm footprint, gray nets (or colored on request, for information contact us).
  • Wide range of profile colors, 8mm guide, possibility to block sliding at any point;
  • Safe system for children and the disabled;
  • With Idroscreen net that repels dirt and water;
  • Easy to assemble and clean.

Mosquito net with central opening with 8mm horizontal side sliding plate

SharkNet Central Opening 08 is a horizontal lateral sliding pleated fly screen for balconies and French windows. The most relevant peculiarity of the pleated mosquito nets is the folding net : when the mosquito net is completely closed, it remains almost completely stretched; when it is opened, however, the mesh adapts to the pleated motif and folds like an accordion, until it disappears almost completely. It therefore works without a box and spring system, with a final result of unprecedented practicality.

The significant advantages undoubtedly also include the ease with which the net can be cleaned.

That's why mothers prefer SharkNet, the pleated mosquito net

SharkNet was created and patented by the Italian Sergio Marcantoni who excluded any mechanical mechanism for operating the mosquito net in opening and closing. This makes the SharkNet mosquito net absolutely safe for children.

SharkNet flywheel safe for children or the elderly

This mosquito net has a water repellent net capable of repelling dirt and water

Idroscreen encompasses in one word all the experience of our research and development office, 14 years of studies have made it possible to equip the SharkNet pleated mosquito nets with the best possible network: water-repellent , UV-resistant, salt-resistant, which helps to repel dust and above all is not cut on the crease like polypropylene nets.

Why did SharkNet decide to equip Idroscreen pleated mosquito nets?

Have you ever wondered why SharkNet uses the water-repellent polyester net on pleated mosquito nets? For the following reasons:
  • Create resistant products that can be exposed to the open air and that are able to withstand large volumes of rain without there being the risk of breakage.
  • Making products that are easy to wash and clean . With IdroScreen you can wash your mosquito net whenever you want and make it look like new.
  • Building products that do not collect dust and that need to be replaced quickly. IdroScreen in fact has a treatment against the accumulation of dust.

Like any object in the house, the mosquito net gets dirty and accumulates dust and allergens. With the Idroscreen network you can wash SharkNet with soap and water whenever you want, making it look like new every time.

sharknet ecommerce

SharkNet mosquito nets are designed and built in Italy

It all started thanks to the spirit of inventiveness and commitment of Sergio Marcantoni. DFM, which he founded, is today the largest exponent in the field of the production of pleated mosquito nets, which constitute an original product and leader of the national market.

All materials are completely Made in Italy to guarantee a product of higher quality and value than all those you can find on the market.

All the planning, the study and the realization has been done in Italy, in Rome for precision. Even the patent, designed by Sergio Marcantoni.

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