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Blindy: safety with style

Blindy is a security label manufacturer for our homes since 1999. Its mission, however, it is not limited to this. If the issue of security has always been a sensitive issue for all of us, in parallel, equally sensitive and important issue is the aesthetics of our homes. In this sense fits Blindy: meeting point between Security and Design. Each product is designed so as to fit perfectly in the context of furniture of our homes becoming a real design product to be included in the living environment of our living.

With Blindy blinds, shutters and windows are "armored"!

Blindy the burglar

Why install a security system intrusion of shutters / blinds?

Blinds and shutters are the first defense between the inside and the outside of our house, however, they have two major weaknesses:

The first is that anyone would be able to open them in the absence of an anti-intrusion studied ad hoc system.
The second is the ease of slipping off the dark from the seat hinges.

Since 1999 Blindy produces anti-intrusion security systems and years of experience we have developed the best solution in terms of safety and aesthetics for blinds and shutters for your home. This solution is materialized in products Blindy bar and Blindy rostrum.

Blindy over the years has proven to be one of the most popular systems on the market because it demonstrates its effectiveness in action through resistance testing of opening and extraction of the shutter / blind. Put in dark Safety / blinds is not just to avoid the intrusion of thieves in our homes, but also means that they can get to prevent damage as well as dark / shutters, also of our home fixtures.

Blindy bar park hook rostrum



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