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Tecnometalsystem (TMS)

Tecnometalsystem Accessories for Windows and Shutters

Tecnometalsystem accessories for windows for sale online

Tecnometalsystem accessories for window and shutters: discover a wide range of mechanisms for opening slats for exterior adjustable blinds. Buy Tecnometalsystem products at the best online prices on Windowo.

Tecnometalsystem (TMS): accessories for windows and shutter opening mechanisms

Tecnometalsystem is a leading company in the production of mechanisms for moving the slats for external adjustable blackout shutters, accessories for doors and windows.

Tecnometalsystem is a manufacturer of hardware for doors and windows and steel profiles for adjustable and fixed shutter systems, Security60, shutter stops.

The philosophy behind Tecnometalsystem accessories

"Each goal achieved, each goal achieved is always an incentive for a further step, from which to start again for other challenges."

The goals achieved by Tecnometalsystem in the shutter hardware are the result of the work of a team where each component finds the reasons for constant professional growth.

The surface of the company plant has been increased by over 1000 square meters for a total of 3500 covered and 3000 uncovered square meters, where the Thermoplastic Division, the Mechanical Workshop and the Technical Office have been located.

Discover the innovation of Tecnometalsystem shutter mechanisms

Through innovation, creative ability and excellent operations, the Tecnometalsystem company seizes the opportunities that present themselves to be at the forefront.

The goal is to help customers find the best solution by guaranteeing the quality and functionality of the product. Tecnometalsystem wants to offer the most appropriate system to make the work of operators in the sector simple, fluent, immediate and clean.

The guidelines for Tecnometalsystem development are constant product innovation and a growing integration and differentiation of the offer.

Tecnometalsystem Accessories for Windows and Shutters



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