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DK Der König

DK Der König

PVC Windows at Factory Prices - DK Der König

Find your PVC windows and doors at discounted prices produced in Italy. Discover Windowo, the online shop dedicated to doors and windows. Are you looking for PVC windows at factory prices? Contact us and ask for a quote.

PVC windows at factory prices

DK windows are the result of the most modern industrial technology. These revolutionary frames offer a flexibility of solutions in complete harmony with the needs of Italian and international customers.

In summary, the performance of a DK window is linked to an advanced concept of quality of living that requires a safe, perfectly insulated home, free from noise and energy waste.

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DK Der König: Italian soul in a German body

"Choose a world of complete, convenient and sustainable solutions,
suitable for both new buildings and renovation works,
to ensure maximum energy savings
and high living comfort."


The advantages of doors and windows made in PVC

DK company has been manufacturing PVC windows and doors since 2008.

The very current DK PVC frames have a significant series of advantages compared to other types of frames normally used.

Thermal insulation: the first big advantage is extraordinary comfort, followed by the pleasure of lower energy consumption. The lower consumption brings with it two other important advantages: an evident economic saving and a lower atmospheric pollution.

Acoustic Insulation: acoustic pollution can seriously undermine the quality of domestic life: for example, not sleeping well at night due to traffic noise or having to raise your voice to be heard. An acoustically well insulated DK window can go a long way in this regard.

Insulation from atmospheric agents: a dry house is healthy, therefore it is essential to eliminate humidity and drafts. Guaranteeing insulation from atmospheric agents is essential in order to avoid harmful infiltrations, with the consequent danger of damage to the masonry, flooring and structure of the entire building.

Certified product: DK has been collecting certifications for years to confidently affirm the characteristics of its fixtures, characteristics tested and approved by strict and rigorous Certification Bodies.

No maintenance: almost no maintenance, time saved, money saved and one less thought.

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Choose quality: DK doors and windows are Made in Italy

DK windows are Made in Italy . The production site is located in Capriano del Colle, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Brescia. The presence of the factory on the national territory is a big advantage for all customers.



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