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Since 1971 NILS has been producing and marketing quality high-performance lubricants and lubrication systems for the following sectors: industry, earthmoving industry, agriculture, food-processing industry, lift facilities and motorbikes.

NILS lubricants and lubrication systems

Over the many years that NILS has been in business, we have acquired a global know-how and a deep-rooted environmental consciousness which enable us to put at our customers' disposal services that range from the simplest applications to the most complex fluid-managementprogrammes (as part of which a customer contracts out to us the complete and efficient management of the whole lubrication activity on their premises).

NILS's forte is flexibility. NILS views the R&S (Research & Development) Laboratory as a means which enables us to create personalized products. In the service department, too, we offer a range of innovative products as well as customer support. Let's mention, among others, the following services: analyses on the general condition of a lubricant; predictive maintenance of the machinery; off-line oil filtration through a system which operates autonomously from the circuitry of the machine – an environment-friendly solution which reduces the number of oil replacements and cuts costs.

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NILS lubricating oil



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