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Mulini di Salisburgo

Salzburg Mills - Mulini di Salisburgo

Salzburg Mills for sale online at the best prices

Salzburg Mills with granite millstone and wooden grinding chamber. These authentic grain mills are an old tradition and represent true Austrian craftsmanship. Buy Salzburg Mills online in the Windowo shop at a special offer price.

Salzburg Mills: Grind grain with natural stone

Salzburg Mills is a brand that makes the best grain mills in an artisanal way. The artisanal production of the Original Grain Mills of Salzburg takes place by paying close attention to each step of the creation process.

Touch the value of the aesthetic detail up to the final phase of the technical construction of these small works of art. The Mills of Salzburg, as they still are today, represent the fruit of the profound knowledge of the artisanal values and the natural materials used.

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Salzburg Mills - The scent of fresh bread is that of home

If you use a Salzburg grain mill, your grain and flour will only come into contact with wood in the grinding chamber.

The grinding chambers are made of solid and untreated beech wood . Wood has a strong antibacterial effect.

Furthermore, only organic beeswax oil is used for surface treatment (and no linseed oil or artificial varnishes).

Discover the great quality of a natural granite grinder

However, the production of mills with natural stone millstones is more expensive than the production of those with artificial millstones. For this reason Mulini di Salzburg also offers cheaper products with ceramic and corundum grinders as an alternative.

Very easy to adjust with one hand. The grinding fineness adjustment can also be activated during grinding.

In the case of motorized grain mills, the automation that drives the mills is of high Austrian quality.

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The advantages of grinding with traditional natural stone

For thousands of years people have continued to grind grain with natural stone ... and a lucky few can still do it today!

Various mills with artificial ceramic and corundum millstones are offered on the market. Artificial millstones not only have the advantage of having lower production costs, but they don't even require manual modifications. Furthermore, installation in the mill takes less time.

Despite this, the Salzburg Mills remain convinced of wanting to use natural stones due to the positive natural characteristics of granite.



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