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Spaniards and blinds for blinds for sale online

Are you lookingfor espagnolette for shutters ? On Windowo you can find for sale online a wide selection of closures for shutters and other types of shutters for windows and external doors.

Espagnolette closure: shutters and shutters

The espagnolette closure is a type of hardware for shutters and shutters , used above all for closing shutters and shutters in general.

Persian espagnolette: how does it work?

The espagnolette for shutter is made of iron or steel and consists of a rotating handle integral with a rod, fixed on one of the two doors by means of enveloping plate seats and suitable screws.

The rod rotates horizontally thanks to the action of the handle. The handle of the shutters espagnolette itself, then rotating in turn around a riveted pin, locks itself into a grapple stop on the other door.

At the end of the rod two hooks hook two pegs placed one on the sill and the other opposite on the vault of the opening.



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