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Yale Smart Home, Alarms Locks & Safes

Yale smart home alarm: sale of security cameras, locks, safes, padlocks, door handles. Best online prices on special offer. With Linus Yale Smart Lock, the intelligent lock, you can enter the house without a key. Protect what you care most about with Yale Home Security.

Yale smart home alarms, locks and safes for sale at the best prices

Yale helps you protect what you love every day in the simplest and safest way. Yale means home burglar alarms and more: it doesn't just secure homes, it makes us feel really safe.

If you choose a Yale alarm, or smart locks, you can sleep more peacefully and enjoy life.

Yale Smart Home - Alarms Locks Safes

Yale home alarm and smart security systems

Home security, monitoring and control become much easier with Yale's wide range of connected devices.

Millions of people rely on Yale security systems to protect the things they care about.

Discover a wide range of Yale products:
Whether it's Linus Yale Smart Lock, the alarm system, digital peepholes or camera systems, the Yale range allows you to have the security of your home under control:
  • Yale Smart Residential are products that work both independently and connected to the Yale Smart Home application;
  • Yale Smart Security works in harmony with some of the most popular smart home device brands to make life easier and safer.

yale antifurto casa

Yale systems for a connected home

Yale systems are designed for collaboration. Yale smart locks, home alarms, outdoor and indoor cameras can be independent or link to each other and to partner products.

Smarter security products that adapt to your life and make it considerably easier without you noticing.

Control your home via Yale app

Smart home access control, smart alerts and secure technology that will make you feel calmer and more peaceful. You no longer have to wonder if the house is safe, if the alarm is set or if you have lost your keys.

With Smart Residential technology, you can simply allow access by turning off the alarm to allow acquaintances and family members to enter the house, even at a distance. All this from the application will be simple and smart.

yale sicurezza allarmi serrature lucchetti


Yale: the home alarm with care

Yale products are almost invisible, but they are always there when you need them.

The front door keeps the bad guys out and lets the right people through: your family, friends, co-workers. Yale Access gives you the peace of mind of giving access to what you love only to whoever you want.

Ever since Linus Yale Senior founded it, the Yale reality continues to develop new ideas. The goal has always been to make life simple, comfortable and safe.

The history of Yale security

Since 1840, Yale has been protecting people's homes and peace of mind. Whatever it is today, we owe it to the genius of Linus Yale Senior and Linus Yale Junior.

Linus Yale Senior opened his handcrafted lock shop in 1840 and then opened a lock factory in Newport (USA) to produce the special pin lock he designed. His innovation is still the basis of Yale locks today.

The most famous design is the Yale pin cylinder lock . This padlock comes close to the ancient Egyptian padlock, but with a sliding mechanism and not a rotating type. The mechanism does not allow the lock to be opened without the correct key and is now widespread all over the world.

Yale is part of the Assa Abloy group born in 1994 from the merger between Assa (a Swedish company) and Abloy (a Finnish company).

yale storia - Linus Yale

Yale Italy

Yale Italia is a well-established reality that is well-known among industry professionals, but also among the general public.

Did you know that the Yale Italy brand is so famous that customers often ask us for a Yale type cylinder when they refer to the European profile?



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