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Maico Maco Accessories for Windows and Doors

Maco Accessories for Windows and Doors Online Shop

Maico - Maco: hardware, hinges, handles and much more. Any window frame can be made and installed with Maico products: it will always be a quality frame.


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Maico products are no longer available from us at the moment.

For information on Maico accessories we recommend that you call the manufacturer directly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Maico Maco Accessories for Doors and Windows

Whatever window or door you have in mind, you can make it (and install it) with Maico products : simple or full of functions, traditional or avant-garde. It will always be a quality fixture.

Here are the 5 worlds of Maico products:
  • Window world : Maico tilt and turn mechanisms to create any window you want!
  • Front door world : locks , thresholds and hinges for entrance doors that make you feel comfortable.
  • Sliding world : to build large sliding windows. Which expand spaces and comfort.
  • Shading world : flaps, hinges, closures, shutter stops.
  • Installation world : counterframes, bins, sealants and insulators.

maco maico accessori per serramenti infissi ferramenta

Maico accessories means Austrian reliability ...

The headquarters of the international Maco group of which Maico is a part is located in Salzburg (Austria). The manufacturing plants - highly automated with continuous quality controls, as this video shows - produce hardware for around 30 million frames worldwide.

... who speaks Italian

Maico (where the "i" stands for Italy) was created to bring the limelight from the cold German-speaking countries to our peninsula.

Today, the Italian network of Maico agents has 50 experts, ready to support window and door manufacturers when they: design the frame, apply the hardware , perform the glazing, test tightness and insulation and install the window on the construction site.

maico italia

maico maco accessori per serramenti

Do you care about the environment? Also in Maico. For this it uses clean energy.

"We do not inherit the world from our fathers, but we borrow it from our children" (Indian proverb).

Sustainability means living using the planet's resources in a responsible way: not exploiting them to the point of exhaustion but preserving them for future generations.

In the production plants of Maico mechanisms in Austria, the plants are powered with clean energy from hydroelectric power plants. In order not to pollute the environment.



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